Recent white-collar civil and criminal developments as reported in The New York Times:

On March 14, 2015, The New York Times reported that the SEC has changed its approach to settling certain cases by requiring an admission of wrongdoing.  Previously, it was common fro the SEC to settle a case without a corporate acknowledgement of wrongdoing.  See:

On March 11, 2015, The New York Times reported that Utah is the first state in the nation to initiate a public white-collar offender registry.  Defense counsel argue that it piles on punishment.  Proponents argue that it protects the public and furthers restitution.  One condition to get off of the registry is to make full restitution.  Left unsaid is whether the registry has an ex post facto element like sex-offender registries requiring offenders convicted prior to the passage of the law to register.  See:

On February 25, 2015, The New York Times that the SEC has set letters to several companies probing whether companies are silencing potential whistleblowers, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.  Dodd-Frank gave the SEC authority to establish a corporate whistleblower program.  See:

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